MODA ETICA PERSONALIZZABILE Ció che indossi deve adattarsi a te, non il contrario. - Real luxury is customization.

Do you want a unique piece?

"I've already put the needle,

can't wait for listening to your ideas."

You can create your unique piece in a remote way or if you want you can come to my boutique in Thiene, telling me something about you, what can I create for you. You can contact me through the Contact me section. 

Otherwise, you can customize some items from the collection choosing among elements and customizations available right here. It’s easy!

Firstly, you have to add the model to cart; secondly, you have to choose the illustration you prefer and then the colour and the fabric. 

You can send me your requests or doubts through live chat, give me your email address and I will send you how the model will look like. If you enjoy it, you can checkout and complete the order of your customized model or of your look, maybe matching it with a jacket or trousers. 

VALENTINA REVIEWS her shopping experience on line ...

" We have never met,

but your art entered in my heart and I’m always glad to wear it since it is very successful.

You are very capable, with your style and you always work with seriousness and commitment and with that touch of madness which makes everything original!

Keep it up and never give up! "

Valentina Morra

before you confirm your custom made to order

Verify your choice and any kind of personalizations you want and contact me to receive via whatsapp or email a graphic simulation.