Ciò che indossi deve adattarsi a te e non il contrario.

Indie atelier and boutique brand

Have a look at my intimate and colorful space: clothes and accessories with delicate shapes and bold strokes
. Stylish sustainability.

tailored clothes, accessories and hand painted artworks

Passion, respect, love and intention: these words guide my hands while I cut, sew and paint a dress or a piece of accessories,

100% handcrafted.

Here’s what my customers say ...

  • I have a daughter who is always looking for pretty things on line. She sent me your website. I chose the dress and 2 seconds later, she sent me the same model. Well done and keep going !!!! ”

    – Christine Trètola, Suisse
  • ” LOVE it ! The design and craftsmanship are remarkable. A great piece of clothing and a great service! Will come back 🙂 “

    – Meriem, France
  • ” We have never met, but your art won my heart and I’m always glad to wear it since it is very successful. You are very skillful and innovative, you work seriously and with commitment, mixing accuracy with that touch of madness which makes everything originall! Keep on and never give up! “
    – Valentina Morra, Padova
  • ” It’s great seeing their smiles at your clothes, I’m very lucky of having such marvels! It’s a matter of sensations, emotions and seeing my women so happy: it’s the only thing that counts! Thank you for your ability to give birth to your creations!”

    – Eros Beladelli, Moglia (MN), Italy
  • ” Yesterday I wore your Kimono … It was really beautiful!!! People love it, they keep complementing me on it, you deserve all this! It is so comfortable, easy to wear and very warm!!! Thank you very much, I just wanted to let you know ! As soon as I can, I will send you a picture… Have a nice Sunday! “
    – Gleda Prette, Sanremo, Italy
  • ” Greta’s atelièr is a world made of kindness, passion and high quality. Greta was so helpful, able to advise me the best . She’s got golden hands! Her clothes are made of fine fabrics and impeccably refined. Each purchase has been special and unforgettable! Thank you Greta “

    – Manuela Rigon, Pove (VI), Italy

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Are you dreaming of wearing a t-shirt that is exactly lwhat to want, a dress that anyone has or a jacket that will become one of your favourites?

I’ve already threaded the needle!



Painting is like meditation to me: here is how hand-painted clothes are born, unique as you are.

Look at the backstage video of Dorothy’s  artwork.


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Greta Pigatto Boutique is my childhood dream coming true.

Slow time to create, to “dot” what really counts, not only the “Is”, to inspire a funny fashion, releasing creativity up to hair tips .